China Postal Code of Wuhan

District/County in EnglishPostal Code Province
Wuhan City 430000 Hubei Province
Jianghan District 430000 Hubei Province
Qiaokou District 430000 Hubei Province
Wuchang District 430000 Hubei Province
Jiang'an District 430014 Hubei Province
Dongxihu District 430040 Hubei Province
Hanyang District 430050 Hubei Province
Hongshan District 430070 Hubei Province
Qingshan District 430080 Hubei Province
Hannan District 430090 Hubei Province
Caidian District 430100 Hubei Province
Jiangxia District 430200 Hubei Province
Xinzhou District 431400 Hubei Province
Huangpi District 438000 Hubei Province

Questions and Answers

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Did not received package

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Help with what’s going on with my package

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Parcel hai lost to negligence of Post

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