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福州市, 【福州斗门营业部】投递结果反馈-未妥投,备注(待收费后投递),投递员:鄢铮铮,电话:


Hello, in tracking is write to pay a fee for delivery. How it works?

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Package failed to deliver (1 reply)

My package send to China with tracking number CC079928593NL failed to deliver.

投递结果反馈-未妥投,备注(未联系上收件人,安排再投),投递员:张俊华,电话:18688975338, Shenzhen

Receiver does not seem to be contacted.
I think the address on the package is correct but I did not add the phone number. The complete address is/should be:

Country: China
Province: Guangdong
City: Shenzhen
Postcode: 518109
Address: NO.1009 A Building, 10th Floor Weidonglong commercial building, Qinghu long hua jie dao long hua qu
Tel: 18825255920
Name: Kerry

Could you track the package and get it delivered

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