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8 shipments were sent to Bulgaria with the same barcode RG013214509CN if it can be fixed, I can't get the shipment
my data
Angel Marinov
contact phone number 0882920104, Sredets 8300

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Hi Ангел Маринов,

In general, if it's not delivered to your address, you need to contact the seller to ask if the tracking number is right. The seller may give you a tracking number of another customer. If the number is right, he may filled the address by mistake. If all are right, you need to contact Bulgarian Post to reflect the problem and check it for you as soon as possible. You need to require the seller give you a solution (refund you or send one again to you) if you couldn't get it at last.

Number: RG013214509CN
Package status: Delivered (15 Days)
Country: China -> Bulgaria
2023-03-23 16:14 BULGARIA, IRM CC 1880, Deliver item (Inb)
2023-03-23 16:14 BULGARIA, 5809 ПЛЕВЕН, Delivered
2023-03-22 08:58 BULGARIA, 5809 ПЛЕВЕН, За получаване в ПС
2023-03-22 08:57 BULGARIA, IRM CC 1880, Receive item at collection point for pick-up (Inb)
2023-03-21 11:10 BULGARIA, БРСЦ Митническо оформяне, Send item to domestic location (Inb)
2023-03-20 15:58 BULGARIA, Mitnicheski sklad in BRSC, Return item from customs (Inb)
2023-03-16 10:58 BULGARIA, SOFIA LC/AO, Record item customs information (Inb), Retention reason : Awaiting presentation to customs commissioner
2023-03-16 10:45 BULGARIA, SOFIA LC/AO, Send item to customs (Inb)
2023-03-16 08:51 BULGARIA, SOFIA LC/AO, Receive item at office of exchange (Inb)
2023-03-11 05:05 CHINA, GUANGZHOU, Send item abroad (EDI-received)

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