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I ordered an item on december 1st and it was due to arrive between december 15th - january 5th. The tracking number cannot seem to be recognised and is LX229869385CN. It says it was shipped from Guangzhou to Changsha on the 9th december. Then left the parcel centre to GBLALA on 14th december and still not received, can you help and tell me when i can expect this parcel as it is overdue?

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Hi Devon,

Better wait another week to see. I think it will arrive in the next week.

The last update shows it left China on Dec. 14 and on the way to Heathrow Airport. I'll inform you once it's there.
2016-12-14 09:03
Guangzhou, left Guangzhou to the aviation hub, London Heathrow Airport (transfer)
My parcel number LX181954348CN The product did not come, wrong item

If the item is wrong, you need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible.
I have a question, I have ordered something (Order Nr. and need this package as soon as possible because I am going on vacation soon, is it possible that you could do anything that I can get it faster?
Thank you so much!
Kind regards Melvin
Hi Melvin,

Sorry, it couldn't be delivered faster. You can only wait for it.

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