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e-Ems & EMS

Asked by Warren | 8/25/2015 10:14:01 AM

Hello , what is the difference between the two shipping method e-Ems and EMS

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Administrator 8/26/2015 2:02:35 AM

Hi Warren,

The difference mainly exists in the rate:
e-Ems is charged for every 50 g which reduce the logistics cost for sellers greatly.
EMS is much expensive than e-Ems. If the weight is less than 500 g, it's charged as a document. If it exceeds 500 g, it's charged for every 500 g.
The price for both of them differs in different countries.

For example, from China to Hong Kong, if the package is 100 g. By using e-EMS, the first 50 g is cost 48 RMB and additional 50 g cost 0. 5 RMB. So, it costs 48. 5 RMB in all. By using EMS, you should pay 90 RMB.

For detailed standard rate for the two, please check:

michele 11/14/2016 12:04:38 AM

hi i haven't received the my parcel yet can you tell me what is happening plssss urgent is it still in china i need it urgently pls help
track number :RK547459478CN

Twooey3015 3/2/2017 4:07:57 AM

I'm am trying to track my package and when asked to put a verification number in after tracking number it said wrong but it isn't wrong. My t no is EV91592144CN

Sam 3/2/2017 8:14:48 PM

Hi michele,

It is over three months. I checked its status and find the "Alert" sign, which generally means:

1. Your package is being returned to sender due to any of these reasons: item refused by addressee; incorrect / illegible / incomplete address; expired retention period; addressee absence; etc.
2. Your package might be retained by customs department due to any of these reasons: contains prohibited goods; importation of the goods is restricted; retained by customs due to tax payable, or any other unspecified reasons.
3. Your package may have suffered damage or been lost during the transportation period.

I advise you to contact the package sender or your shipping carrier for clarification.

Daniel 3/2/2017 8:22:47 PM

Hi Twooey3015,

When did you send it? I checked and find it says: Your tracking info was not found, Possible reasons:

1: The carrier hasn't accepted your package yet.
2: The carrier hasn't scanned and entered your package tracking information into their system yet.
3: Your tracking number is incorrect or invalid.
4: Your tracking number has expired and removed from carrier's system.

You may confirm with the package sender and check back later.

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