China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

Help please


Hallo Daisy,
the webmaster email doesn’t work.

Thank you, the seller did not respond. Email is no more. Bank says time is too late, money cannot be returned. Deutsche Post cannot find anything under the tracking number. My only chance would be to find out which company should deliver the package in Germany. Please help me.


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Hi Barbara Koldas-Wagner,

What's the tracking number?
Hello Daisy,
Tracking number: AS811201999CN
Thank you
I order this at the first part of May I have not received my order yet
This is a scam and actual intentional thievery. They pulled this shit with me too
I ordered on May 15, it says it was delivered on June 15. Have not received a package.
I also order this on May 30 2023 and have yet to receive anything tracking by HAUNTONG.
tracking # AQ011881527CN....They are saying it was delivered
I had the same issue with an order since July and no delivery and no refund... we need to share this information they are a scam and thief and all around the world need to know.

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