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How to use EUB?


I am selling, through eBay USA, items coming from China.
Now, I send them in bulk to the USA and I make myself the distribution in the USA.

i would like to send them directly from China to my clients, without passing by me.
I have a correspondant in China who can post the items in China.
What have I to give to him, he to be able to address the parcel ?
Thank you

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Hi Priatel,

Does he have the right to pack the items in China? You should let him know the orders and address for each package. So, you need to assign him the right to login into your eBay account and get the order and address. After he pack the package and send, he could fill in the tracking number for each package. So, the correspondant in China you mentioned should be one you trust fully. Also, I think one person is not enough to deal all of this. Two I think are needed in china.
If I give him all the informations from eBay ( order, address, and so on...), is it enough he to prepare the package and to post it or is there a special form to fill ?
thank you
You should find a reliable freight forwarding company in China that could use EUB to deliver your package. I'm not sure where the correspondant you mentioned lives now. In which city? In general, it he lives in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or some other cities that have large freight forwarding companies, you should contact them to cooperate. After your correspondant packs the packages every time, he should send them to the freight forwarding company and let them to send if not too far. Or he can deliver the packages there by using a China express company. The freight forwarding company usually offers a place that you could fill in your customers' address. After they receive the packages, they will print all the sending forms, paste them in the corresponding package and then send. Of course, your correspondant should write your customers' names in each package in order to let them find the right package easily. Hope it helps.

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