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LX248957768CN potreste dirmi dove è il mio pacco e quando sarà consegnato?


LX248957768CN potreste dirmi dove è il mio pacco e quando sarà consegnato?

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Hi Pasquale baldassarre,

It's still in Shanghai now. To my experience, it takes about another 20-40 days to be delivered in UK.

Number: LX248957768CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2020-10-29 13:00, Shanghai, has been handed over to the carrier transport
2020-10-12 02:10, Shanghai, to shanghai exchange station (transit)
2020-10-11 09:09, Fuzhou City, leave fuzhou City International Mail Processing Center, the next stop Fuzhou Processing Center (transit)
2020-10-10 15:47, Fuzhou City, Fuzhou City International Mail Processing Center has been exported straight
2020-10-10 00:12, Fuzhou City, arrived at Fuzhou International Mail Processing Center (transfer)
2020-10-09 19:31, Putian City, leave the "Yutian City Post District Center", the next stop "Fuzhou City International Mail Processing Center"
2020-10-08 08:24, Putian City, leave the "Yutian International Xinghua Business Department", the next stop "Yutian City"
2020-10-08 08:18, Yantian City, "Yutian International Xinghua Business Department" has been received and sent
Where is My pack ?? Tracking EB756251785CN, pls

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