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many tracking problems


Tracking numbers 89040947897 & 89039773045 & 88049455064 all show no tracking information, but the sellers insist they were all shipped 12/12/16, 12/11/16, 12/9/16 respectively. It is now 12/25/16. Are these packages being scanned? Or is there another problem? Altogether I have (5) packages (two from previous questions) with no tracking information and another (2) (in yet another question) that are marked as "Exchange Bureau in Guangzhou" has been exported to open. That is (7) packages (for Christmas) that have tracking numbers I cannot track even in China. Please, provide information & explanation. It is hard to want to buy from China with this sort of thing going on.

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Hi Nike,

All these couldn't be tracked in China Post tracking system because it's a China post ordinary parcel. The seller doesn't pay for the registration fee for it. This kind of packet usually takes two months to reach the destination country and it's easy to be lost on the way. If you couldn't receive them within two months, you'd better open an dispute to the seller to ask your money back.

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