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No tracking info?


Hi, I have two orders coming from China. They're from the same supplier & they've given me tracking numbers but nothing comes up but pending when I try to track them? I have contacted the supplier and they have reassured me multiple times that they've been sent but I am not sure? I have ordered packages from China before and some haven't had any tracking info until they've actually arrived at my door, so I'm optimistically skeptical! the tracking numbers are LX956796196CN & LX955887390CN. the first one was sent 30/06/16 & the 2nd was sent 27/06/16 apparently. any help you could give me would be appreciated.

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Hi gatnoodwin,

It's curious that the two tracking numbers both couldn't be tracked in China Post tracking system.

One possibility is that they are fake tracking numbers. Another situation is the packages couldn't be tracked as the supplier didn't pay for the registration fee.
Thanks for the reply Mike :) I'm trying to be optimistic because I haven't had a bad experience yet dealing with any Chinese merchants. So just another question, if it is the case that they didn't pay a registration fee, does that mean I will have to pay a fee if/when my goods arrive?
I have emailed the supplier multiple times and they are adamant that they've been sent and to just be patient so I'm hoping it is thelatter of what you said as being the case.
Don't worry. You don't need to pay any fee. The registration fee is paid for tracking the packages. As they didn't pay for it, no one could track it in China Post tracking system.
Hi gatnoodwin,

I just found the package could be tracked. The lastest information shows for the two packages are:

07-Jul-2016 14:48 Received by Post Office

That means they just sent out on July 7th which is later that what they said. So, you couldn't find any tracking result before.

Where is my parcel??

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