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The tracking of AS034746009CN said that it was deliver


I didn't receive nothing we're can I find my package

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Dear China post I order a 100 inch tv from diopusi tracking number BLGJ0000206269YQ back-in July 24 2023 I order a tv and waited for my delivery and never got deliver contacted the seller and told me to contact you
Please can you help thanks
tracking says it was deliver but it was not

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My tracking says failed to deliver twice. No one tried to deliver nothing. No one called no letter in the box to pick up. Contacted the seller he said to contact local post. I contacted local post. They say my tracking number doesnt exist. Who should i call? Tracking:AG171158795CN

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Please, deliver my package now. There is no new status update. What happened to you China Post? My Package is really IMPORTANT. It contains sample that must be checked in the factory.


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