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Will I get this package?

In Transit

China Post
United States
Destination - Cached time: 2021-10-20 08:36:44 (GMT-05:00)
2021-10-16 17:55
CHINA, WUHAN, Processed Through Facility -> Your item has been processed through a facility in WUHAN, CHINA on October 16, 2021 at 5:55 pm.

2021-10-14 10:50
CHINA, Acceptance

Origin - Cached time: 2021-10-20 08:36:43 (GMT-05:00)
2021-10-16 19:10
Wuhan City, Export Swaps Bureau retained

2021-10-15 23:29
Wuhan City, Arriving at Wuhan International Mail Processing Center (via)

2021-10-15 18:54
Puyang City, leaving the Mail Processing Center of the Puyang Post District Central Bureau, the next stop of the Wuhan International Mail Processing Center

2021-10-14 19:04
Puyang City, arrived at the Mail Processing Center of the Central Bureau of the Puyang Post District

2021-10-14 17:05
Puyang City, leaving the International Business Department of the Delivery Division of the Luyang City, the next stop of the City of Puyang

2021-10-14 10:50
Puyang City, "Yuyang City, the department of international business operations" has been received, touting the caster: Jiang Denghui, telephone: 13972066074

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It's retained at Wuhan Export Swaps Bureau now. You need to reflect the problem to the seller and let the seller check it for you in time.
Good morning, I want to ask about shipping with tracking number LV424233765CN. I would like to know where the shipment is.

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