Asked by treey | 1/12/2017 12:37:50 PM

tracking #P000007688514 /logistics size/ hight/weight of this object please thank you

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Admin 1/12/2017 8:04:46 PM

Sorry, we can only track it for you. For the size, height ans weight of this object, please ask from the sender.

Here is the tracking details:

2017-01-12 09:44
Shenzhen,China, Depart from facility

2017-01-10 16:19
Putian,Fujian,China, Shipment operation completed

2017-01-10 16:19
Putian,Fujian,China, Shipment arrived at facility

Lindsey Goudge 3/3/2017 4:41:54 AM

This package should weight approximately 81lbs. Volume approximately 1 cu ft.

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