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Updated tracking please



I have 3 goods shipped from China but unfortunately the tracking is not updated. Could you please advise the status :
1. Tracking number 04332653673 shipped by Dec 19
2. Tracking number 04366845173 shipped by Dec 29
3. Tracking number RS816252423CN shipped by January 2

Thanks for your help.

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Are you the sender? Or these three goods are what you bought online?

1. 04332653673 shipped on Dec. 24, 2016
2. 04366845173 shipped by Jan. 1, 2017
These three goods are sent by using China Post Small Packet Plus. They couldn't be tracked as they are not registered. So, China Post will not update tracking information for these two. You can only wait for their arrival. May over two months.

I think this one RS816252423CN is not actually shipped by the sender. It only shows '2017-01-03 14:32 --Electronic information has been received'. This usually means your seller(shipper) applied a tracking number from China, but does not actually ship the goods yet.

I'm the buyer.

Yes I bought these goods online from China.

Thanks for your info.

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