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What does Plane entered Port mean?


Hi my parcel, tracking number LX282473464CN has updated saying “plane has entered port” does that mean my parcel will be shipped by sea from this point? What does this mean I have never seen this before on 17Track

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My parcel had entered the port since 9/24/21 and has not updated since. It’s been 24 days since an update. My tracking number is EB753161573CN . Can you please update me with where it’s at ?
How many more weeks after the plane enter the port
My tracking number is LY897861957CN
And it been last updated 11 days ago
Tigger061972, I'm having the same problem, same date and my tracking number is UU268524528CN all it says is plane has landed at port. Need to know when it will get here
my tracking has been on plane entered the port for a while could y'all let me know what it means and all that please and thanks. EB753381870CN
My package LY892567984CN has been stuck on plane entered the port for almost a month now (since 09/30/2021). The estimated delivery is from 10/13 to 11/02 however there has been no updates. Does this mean the package is in the US? Also when will be package be delivered? Can you help me check on this? Thank you.
My package shipping time is over 48 days, status on 09/09/21 said entered to port the it got updated on 08/10/2021 with the same status plane entered to port is my package arriving to Mexico?????

Shipping date was on september 7th

My package (LY904278032CN) has had the status "the plane entered the port" for almost a week now and I'm just wondering what this means?

I have seen some answers from other people say "it's in the middle transit station now. You need to wait for more days to see it arrives." but what does this mean? What is a middle transit station and approximately how many more days does it take from this point to delivery?

Thank you for you time!
Hello, my package has been stuck on "the plane has entered the port" for about 11 days. My tracking number is LY914466888CN could someone please check it out and tell me when it should arrive.
Hi my package LY917865178CN it is saying arrival at the port please let me know the status
Can you tell me the status of my item? LY853769675CN it's been in transit 97 days and last updated 11/2/2021 and said "The plane arrives in port 3S" What does that mean, and which port? Will I ever get my package??
You package arrived in NY TODAY!! You should get it soon
My Tracking ID: RA262266366CN
This is in “entered the port” stage for almost 7 days! Please check why this is happening. Thank you.
My package is in “entered the port” stage for seven days now! Can you please look into it? Package number: RA262266366CN
My Item has said entered port since 28/11/21 i am really eager to track where my parcel is as i need it before new years and was told i would have to wait 1-3 weeks which hasn’t been the case tracking number EV005080345CN
My package from China has been in transit for 67 days it says it arrived at the port I can't track it no further
My package has been in the plane entered the port for 3 days now, any estimate when its going to arrive in the uk?

Plane entered port on 11/28/21 still waiting. Seller doesn’t respond and am worried I’ve been scammed. Can you give me more info? Is there a number I can call to check on this for me?
My parcel(s) havent come in over two months my tracking number is LV313707665CN can someone please update me and tell me roughly how long it’ll take :)
My package also says The plane entered the port LY932999985CN what does it mean
Hi I ordered my product on Dec 4th and it's says in 17track the plane has entered the port 12/23 and it's 12/31 now so I'm wondering when my package will come
EV007553180CN It says plane has entered port on the 27th of December could I get some help as to when I’ll get my package
My package has been over 3 months now is it because i am in Australia or is it lost. Please help me on where it is. Lv343988721CN.
I ordered these package on October 15/21
&after they took these long it says the plane entered the port can u pls check my order this is so disappointing let me know or update me
My order has been on “The plane has entered the port” for about a week now? Is it in my country?
How long did it take to receive your package, after you seen the status
Hello, my package has been stuck on "the plane has entered the port" for about 22 days. My tracking number is EB761529855CN. Could someone please check it out and tell me when it should arrive.
EB762682263CN. My package has been in transit for 24 days I thought it would arrive sooner but luck isn't on my side. I need help tracking and it says it's in entered the port. I'm assuming that the airplane lifted and landed since then but no updates have been changed since 4/16/22
tracking # LW203067829CN
Plane has entered port as of 04/16/22 and is still stuck in transit. When can I expect to receive this item?
Hey can you help me my package has been almost 2 months sitting on the port EV013102025CN is my package missing or seized? I’m so worried!!

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