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What does this mean


International Letter Group has received, agent: LuoLianguo , Ishii
Leave the International Letter Group, the next stop ,Guangzhou International
Arriving at Guangzhou Swap Bureau
Leave Guangzhou International, next stop , International Mail Transfer Department
Arrival at Beijing Post International (via transfer)
Beijing Post International has been exported directly sealed
Delivered to airline transport
Delivered to airline transport
Beijing Exchange Station Return
Beijing Post International return, note: security return
Beijing Post International has been exported directly sealed
Leave Beijing Exchange Station, next stop (Beijing Exchange Station) (via)
Delivered to airline transport
Delivered to airline transport
Beijing Exchange Station Return

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Hi Themie,

This package didn't pass the security check and returned for two times. It will be sent to be checked again. If you see another time return, better contact the seller to give you a solution.
Note that, from experience, this might not be of any concern to you whatsoever. It appears that anything that resembles loose or binders of documents, or USB memory sticks, will oftentimes be subject to a check. (Due to export regulations.)
I placed an order on AliExpress on 30th Sept 2019. The item is due to be delivered to between 5th-17th Oct by epacket. But after seller shipped the parcel it seems like it's not leaving China, it keeps being returned to Beijing Exchange Station Return.I contacted the seller for advice but I didn't get any reply. Tracking number is : LL757487156CN
Any advice would be gratefully appreciated. Thank you in advance
It's impossible for it to be delivered within 15 days. It usually takes about 30-40 days to be delivered to my experience. Your package didn't pass the check for many times. You'd better open a dispute on AliExpres if you couldn't receive it before the delivery deadline.
Good day why is package still stook at Beijing it’s like it’s not coming to Jamaica at all what really is the problem
Pls what’s the meaning of leaving the Beijing Exchange Station, the next stop ,Beijing Exchange Station
What those this means? Urgent
Beijing, leaving the Beijing International Mail Exchange Station, the next stop ,Beijing International Mail Exchange Station (via transfer)
Hi Hairul,

It's in process in China now. It usually will be left China after two or three days after you see this situation.
Are sites like wish currently not shipping to the United States? All last year up until October i was ordering from wish and recieved my items with no issues. Half of the time they would be delivered as soon as two weeks before the due date. However, since this whole corona virus thing I have not recieved a single thing from any of my recent orders. In fact, wish has started refunding most of my orders. The items I ordered aren't the types of things that should cause issues. Just mundane things like t-shirts, pocket books, posters ect. When I seek out customer service on wish I get emails from supposed customer service reps but they never answer questions. Instead I get generic answers that sound as if they're just automated responses (this is after I go through the automated process and then take the next step to speak with a representative). A friend of ŕcoming in from China. I am just ŕthat are now over three months past their arrival date. Anyone got any ideas as to what is up?
Hi Andrea,

It depends on where the seller is located. If the seller is in Hubei province, it will be delayed.
Is my package in a loop? LS261958618CN
Hi ribbons,

It's normal now. It's in transit to Beijing International Mail Exchange Station now.

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