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Looking on advice on tracking #CE450991692US please..last status shows it has been in Qingdao since June 10. It says "Taxable mail, to be paid by the the recipient"..I am unable to get in contact with the recipient..any advice please?
Thank you

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Hi RogerUtley,

The recipient should have got a notice to pay for it. If you have the phone number of the recipient, you'd better call him to let him pay as soon as possible.
Thank you for the quick reply...for some reason I am unable to get in touch with recipient...
Hi RogerUtley,

You should have the phone number of the recipient, you can call him directly to let him pay for the tax.
I wish I did..tried and tried to make contact via ebay,paypal,email,etc….everything seems blocked..Thank you for your replies!

Can you tell me which courier service should deliver my shipment and what is the new tracking number in the Czech Republic?
The tracking order number is : AG333048548CN
No. 13674
Ordered at: 2023-05-17 23:33 PM

Can you please tell me more about the shipment and who should deliver it to me? Because when I check online, the shipment has arrived and is delivered to the address and I don't get any notifications.

Thanks in advance,
with respect

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