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My tracking number is AS183943215CN when looked up says package from China post is now in USA but doesn't say what city only says a shipping has been there for over a month. Will it be transferred to usps so I can track through there system? Sender has no information. Can you tell where in America the package is so I can call there office and see if there is a customs issue possibly?Daisy did not answer my question properly the last time I sent this inquiry. Asking the seller to provide information Is only for them to consult the tracking number is all the seller can do.the tracking number says it has arrived in USA. All I am asking from this inquiry is if you can tell me what United states city the package arrived in if you can tell this from information in your system. Did the package go to Los Angeles after it arrived from China? Or Seattle or new York etc. If you can find this I can call there postmaster and have it further tracking through USPS.

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