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Arrive at the Sending Place Processing Center??? what?


What does this mean? Arrive at the Sending Place Processing Center.
does this mean that the package is already in belgium or not?
BTW, this is my tracking number LZ065851497CN .
thank you in advance

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Sorry, no answer, but I have the same question
Yeah, had the same problem. The translation is busted on the. Right click , translate to english instead of checking english in the lower right of the tracking site. If you do that, it should say "destination" instead of "sending". So short answer, it should be in your country.
Lucian, thanks. That worked.
Ma olen sinust kuu aega rohkem oodanud ja kuu tagasi tegingi chargeback'i. Tuli ka kiri eile Arrive at the Sending Place Processing Center samas. LA980883324CN
That mean the package come closer to you already , I got the same message and 13 days later package arrived. I think you will get it soon.
Why does parcel RV410984676CN stand in the Sita processing center from 2020-06-08 to 2020-06-15 and not move anywhere from here?
Hi Ricardas,

It's at some other country along the way to Lithuania now. It takes more days to be transited to Lithuania.
How long before I get my parcel RV438962980CN I've tracked it and it seems to be in place for a long time
Looks like im not the only one having problems waiting for a parcel. At Sita processing centre it says. What is that all about. Ive waiting well over a month for my parcel. Can anyone tell me anything please. I feel ive been scammed out of my money and im not happy about this.
Parcels go through Lithuania. If you are lucky, you will receive from Lithuania within two months. If you are not lucky, they will be stolen there. Lithuania is a poor country ...
09-jun-2020 17:32
China Post
Arrive at the destination processing center
Dostyk, Kazakhstan
15-jun-2020 14:12
China Post
Arrive at the destination processing center
Dostyk, Kazakhstan
16-jun-2020 17:21
China Post
Arrive at the destination processing center
Iletsk, Russia
23-jun-2020 18:09
China Post
Arrive at the destination processing center
Vilnius, Lithuania
I put in my order on 30 of September and am still waiting on it. It now says it at the sending process center what does this mean is it in my country? If so how long will it take to get to me? My tracking number is LA996837058CN
Having that same issue. USA, arrive at the [US] Secondary Processing Center 2021-11-13 17:01
... No Activity since November?!

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