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Can you please provide me with the USA tracking number


Can you please provide me with the USA tracking number

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Hi Chace,

You need to contact the seller to ask for the US tracking number.

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The tracking number I was given does not provide me with any information.
This was ordered on Sept 16 and labeled as “shipped”.

Are you able to provide a better more accurate update?


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my order is being delivered and it arrived in the UAE as it's final destination but I need to provide you with the exact delivery address, so please tell me who I can contact to provide that information.


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an item purchased from Ali express cannot be traced. I checked with vendor and according to them it has reached the destination. Th local GPO cannot trace it as it is unregistered. the tracking number is 04150469032.

The GPO has asked me to provide the following information to trace the article:

Dispatch number and date of dispatch.

Can you please provide me the above info

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