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Confused about tracking status


Last time u said to me that my parcel LE108955681CN is sending back to china but the sender sent me the notification that my parcel is now waiting for my pickup at the local pick up point.
.. where is my parcel now

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Hi Ticha,

It was sent again on May 2 from Dongguan city instead of Guangzhou city. Now, it arrives in Germany now. You need to contact DGK Paket to ask if you need to pick it up or they will deliver it to you.

Number: LE108955681CN
Package status: Pick up
Country: China -> Germany
2020-06-20 03:37, Rodgau, Germany, The international shipment has been processed in the export parcel center
2020-06-19 17:41, Günzburg, Germany, The international shipment has been processed in the parcel center of origin

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