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I have an order that when arriving in Brazil was stolen and did not arrive at my house, the Brazilian couriers will indemnify the sender of the china, but for this I need to file a complaint in the original delivery service in china CP342057790CN
I have here the number of the protocol 60865655 that will help, through this number it is easier to solve this problem, good night

empresa brasileira de correios e telegrafos

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I need only to open a complaint using this protocol that the Brazilian couriers provided me, with him you can open a complaint from China, it is a rather complicated procedure because the language interferes, there is the possibility of being able to complain, protocol 60865655
Receiving this indemnity the money can be paid to the bhiner company that sent it
I call the customer service of China Post and they need the sender and recevier information, such as name and phone number. I suggest you to ask the sender to open a complaint from China by calling the customer service of 11183.

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