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Asked by Chris Knight | 12/21/2020 6:54:12 AM

Why can I not receive package and pay the duty?
It is completely disclosed Christmas gifts from Canada.
Thank you

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Daisy 12/22/2020 3:35:42 AM

Hi Chris Knight,

It's still stuck at the customs now. You need to contact the customs (service number 12360) to check it.

Number: EE196506173CA
Package status: In transit
Country: Canada -> China
2020-12-17 14:48, Guiyang, customs clearance
2020-12-17 11:30, Guiyang, the declaration information has not passed the customs audit
2020-12-08 11:23, Guiyang, the declaration information has not passed the customs audit
2020-12-03 16:17, Guiyang City, import customs retained for inspection
2020-12-03 13:25, Guiyang, pending the recipient's declaration to customs
2020-12-03 09:54, Guiyang City, sent to the import customs
2020-12-03 07:58, Guiyang City, leave guiyang mail processing center, the next stop Guiyang International Swap Bureau (transit)
2020-12-02 11:05, Guiyang City, arrive at Guiyang Terminal (transit)
2020-12-02 10:51, Guiyang City, flight arrival, arrival at Guiyang Terminal
2020-12-02 07:38, Beijing, flight departure, departure from Beijing Terminal
2020-12-02 07:36, Beijing, leave beijing terminal, next stop Guiyang terminal (transit)
2020-12-01 13:41, Beijing, arrive at the Beijing International Tianyu Processing Center (transfer)
2020-11-26 09:01, Vancouver, leaving the Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arriving at China Post)
2020-11-26 03:44, Vancouver, to the Overseas Export Swap Bureau

Chris Knight 12/24/2020 9:03:02 AM

I understand the tracking. I understand the value, but I wonder what I cannot pay the duty of the shipment and have the package released. This is not an unusual situation to have a shipment over 1000 rmb.

Daisy 12/25/2020 10:10:46 PM

Hi Chris Knight,

It's on the way back to Canada now. You couldn't declare now.

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