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EV012701575CN I'm wondering why you are answering everyones question but mine,I been waiting 18+ days now and no sign of my parcel anywhere near the UK,I ordered this delivery in advance for this weekend as the market start and this delay is going to cost me big time,I need more information on delivery please

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Hi mark,

It's out for delivery today. You'd better contact Parcelforce to ask if you need to pick up by yourself as the tracking information shows it's waiting you to pick up now.

Number: EV012701575CN
Package status: Pick up
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2022-03-24 08:15 Medway Depot, Out for delivery
2022-03-24 02:10 Medway Depot, Prepared for delivery
2022-03-24 02:09 Medway Depot, Received at delivery depot
2022-03-23 21:06 National Hub, Sorted
2022-03-23 19:05 International Hub, Arrived in the UK
2022-03-05 21:36 Delivery Agent - SHANGHAI - PTT, Despatched to the UK
2022-03-05 21:31 Delivery Agent - SHANGHAI - PTT, Prepared for despatch to the UK
2022-03-05 14:00 Delivery Agent - CHINA, Collected
2022-03-24 02:09 Arrived at the [GB] delivery office
2022-03-23 21:06 Leave the GB processing center
2022-03-23 19:05 Arrive at the mailing place
2022-03-23 19:05 Arrive at the Mailing Places Processing Center
2022-03-23 11:10 Transit station transit
2022-03-23 10:34 The plane entered the port
2022-03-23 10:02 Airline departure
2022-03-22 06:41 Transit station transit
2022-03-21 21:02 The plane entered the port
2022-03-21 10:31 Airline departure
2022-03-07 10:31 Airlines receive
2022-03-06 14:06 Shanghai, shipped to carriers
2022-03-06 01:50 Shanghai, Leaving 【Shanghai International Mail Processing Center】,Next Stop【Shanghai International Mail Exchange】
2022-03-05 21:36 Shanghai Municipality, [Shanghai International Mail Processing Center] has been exported directly
2022-03-05 15:40 Shanghai, Arriving at Shanghai Zhongchun Road Processing Center
2022-03-05 15:25 Shanghai, Leave 【Jinshan Zhujing Investment Department】, the next stop【Shanghai International】
2022-03-05 14:00 Shanghai Municipality, [Jinshan Zhujing Investment Department] has been received and sent

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