Fuzhou Processing Center, has imported mutual seal (domestic)

Asked by Jan Frait | 5/4/2018 11:35:15 AM

anyone can explain, what is happening with my package? Tracking number: LF503653739CN

Thank you

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Daisy 5/5/2018 1:21:15 AM

Hi Jan Frait,

This package is not normal. It's ready to leave Fuzhou to the next city of China for exportation but then back to the sender after that. It may also be transited to the next city for exportation in the next days. You'd better check it later to make sure.

Tracking information for it:
2018-05-04 09:29
Fuzhou Processing Center, has imported mutual seal (domestic)
2018-05-04 09:24
Fuzhou, opened and dismantled
2018-05-04 09:21
Fuzhou Processing Center, exported to each other (domestic)
2018-05-04 07:53
Fuzhou, opened and dismantled
2018-05-03 09:14
Fuzhou, Fujian collect and send the center, has left, the next station processing center
2018-05-02 22:14
Fuzhou, Fujian Collection and forwarding center, has been sealed
2018-05-02 21:06
Fuzhou, Fujian collect and send the center, has received
2018-05-01 22:51
Logistics order has been created

Bateshayi Jeanette Mbuyi 8/29/2019 1:24:55 PM

I need help your my items were returned back to wish by the post office Germiston South Africa! They put all my items together to one box tracking number:RW171283020CN

Daisy 8/30/2019 1:21:05 AM

Hi Bateshayi Jeanette Mbuyi 8,

You'd better contact the seller to give you a solution. It couldn't be tracked after July 24.

Zee 12/23/2019 10:58:39 AM

Can you give me an estimated arrival time for parcel LE067220207CN?

Wesley 5/25/2020 5:17:49 PM

Im looking for the status of my package. The tracking number is: LS340791623CN
When am i to expect to have this package delivered?

Daisy 5/26/2020 6:38:27 AM

Hi Wesley,

Not sure. It's still stuck in Fuzhou now. Due to the coronavirus, packages are processed slowly. The time for it to move again depends on the processing time of China Post. Please wait for more days to get update. If you couldn't receive it within the promised time, contact the seller to give you a solution in time.

Number: LS340791623CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United States
2020-05-13 23:01, Fuzhou City, arriving at Fuzhou International Processing Center
2020-05-13 20:41, Fuzhou City, leaving the Fujian Province, The South International Business Department, the next stop , Fuzhou International Processing Center
2020-05-13 13:35, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, South International Business Department has received

Jessamyn 5/29/2020 6:54:43 AM

My package has been in same place for a week. Tracking number LY264574104CN. Can you please find out why? This is a gift so I do need it. Thank you

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