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In transit long time


The last update of the package was 2/7/2022 and said "MISMATCH - HANGZHOU EMS, Despatched to the UK" almost a month ago and past it's longest estimated date. Unless the tracking has been lost since last update or the estimate was wrong I don't know where my package is. Would you be able to help in what I should do or what will ease my mind in case of a delay?

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Hi Kanaan Conney,

It's delayed in China now. You'd better wait for more days to see if it could be left China successfully. If it's not normal for it, you need to contact the seller give you a solution in time.

Number: EV021292180CN
Package status: In transit
Country: China -> United Kingdom
2022-08-03 20:45 Wenzhou City, Arrive at [Wenzhou International Mail Processing Center] (transit)
2022-08-03 15:07 Hangzhou, Leave [Hangzhou International Mail Processing Center], next stop [Wenzhou International Mail Processing Center] (transit)
2022-08-02 19:54 Hangzhou City, [Hangzhou International Mail Processing Center] return, Remarks: Return
2022-07-02 03:23 Hangzhou City, Arrive at 【Hangzhou International Mail Exchange Station】 (via transfer)
2022-07-02 00:48 Hangzhou, Arrive at Hangzhou International Mail Processing Center (transit)
2022-07-02 00:03 Hangzhou City, [Hangzhou International Mail Processing Center] has been exported directly sealed
2022-07-01 20:27 Jinhua City, Leave 【Jinhua Jindong Packaging Workshop】, Next Stop【Hangzhou International Mail Processing Center】 (Transit)
2022-06-30 21:55 Jinhua City, Arrive at 【Jinhua Jindong Packaging Workshop】 (by transfer)
2022-06-30 17:53 Lishui City, Leaving 【Zhejiang Longquan City Center】, The next stop【Jinhua Jindong Packaging Workshop】
2022-06-30 17:09 Lishui City, Arriving at 【Zhejiang Longquan City Center】
2022-06-30 17:07 Yeosu City, Leave [Longyuan Sales Department], next stop 【Longquan】
2022-06-30 15:43 Lishui City, [Longyuan Sales Department] has received and sent

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