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My tracking number is CP004517926JM. The tracking services said that my package was delivered in zhengzhou on Sept 15, 2018 however until now it still has not been delivered to the final destination. Why is it taking so long to be delivered?

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Hi Shene,

Tracking information shows this package has been delivered successfully on Sep. 15. You'd better check your short message on smart phone to see if there is any notice to let you pick it up somewhere. If no, contact China Post (11183 then 8 for English service) to ask where it is now.

Latest tracking information:
2018-09-15 17:47 Zhengzhou Industrial Park Range Investment department, has been delivered successfully
The final address was Not the industriaL park.. it is written On the box that My package was to Be delivered to the new campus of ZZU. Why is it been at zhengzhou industrial park? That is Not the delivery address sO it has Not been successfully delivered
There is a 快递 section On campus Where All packages Are delivered however they said they have Not received it at 郑州大学新校区
There is a 快递 section On campus Where All packages Are delivered however they said they have Not received it at 郑州大学新校区
This is the second international package that china post has lost and did not deliver to my correct address. They really need to do a better job. These stuff are expensive and even though the detailed address was writtened on the package both in english and chinese they still manage to get the delivery incorrect. My number was also placed on the package and i did not receive a text message.
Please help my contact them this is A Urgent Situation. They can not keep losing Passages.
It's Zhengzhou Industrial Park Range Investment department of China Post (郑州市产业园揽投部) who is in charge of deliver it to you. It's not the final address. You'd better contact China Post to check what happens to your package.
Hi daisy. I called the china post number u gave me and selected 8 for the english service But No one there speaks english. All they Did was take My number Nothing else. How Can they help me If they don't have My info and refuse to speak with me. All they keep saying is they can't speak english. Even When i try to explain in chinese she was reluctant to listen.
Can you give them a call On My behalf and pass On the information. It seems you Are the only one trying to help me find This package
Hi Shene,

Sorry, we are only a third party tracking platform for packages. Do you have a Chinese friend that could help you make the call? Ask help from one of them.

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