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Hello Team,

I would like to know the contacts and location JUNFU - TAIZHOUSHILUQIAOJUNFUFULIAOCHANG.

Its a company that makes CLOTHES HANGER & PEG SERIES.

Joseph Matovu
+256 700175117

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Hi Joseph,

I couldn't help you to find the location of the company you mentioned. Here are some companies making clothes hanger and hook series in Taizhou City for your reference.

1. 台州市路桥亿发模塑有限公司
Contact: 13858618321 (Mr. Wang)
Languang Bridge, Xinqiao Town, Luqiao District, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

2. 台州市黄岩金甸塑料厂
Contact: 0576-4198822
浙江 台州市 南城药山村一区190-1
190-1 No. 1 District, Yaoshan Villiage, Nancheng, Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province

3. 台州市路桥顺艺日用品厂
Contact: 0576-057682360289 (Mr. Yu)
浙江 台州市路桥区 桐屿街道中后村一区81号
No. 81 No. 1 District, Zhonghou Village, Tongyu Street, Luqiao District, Zhejiang Province

It's not in Luqiao District. It shoud be in Guangyan District.

Company name is:
Tiazhou Guangyan Fujun Plastic Co.,Ltd

Contact number: 13905761192

公司地址:浙江省·台州市·黄岩区 山下郎村
Location: Shanxialang Village, Guangyan District, Taizhou, City, Zhejiang
Hello Team,
I would like to know how i can come to your offices.

I would like to come with my samples so that you help me get the factories,

Many thanks for the good work.

Joseph Matovu
+256 700175117

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