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LY197084984CN and LY268732865CN


Response to your previous reply: Daisy

On LY197084984CN : last time you told me to wait 40-60 days it’s over that so I just have to wait even longer?. What’s taking so long, and don’t say slow shipping due to Corona, since I’ve received other packages from China with no problems. Ordered the exact same day as this package. It’s was delivered over a month ago, but this package hasn’t been updated for over 60 days.

So why is this one taking longer?
Where is it?
What is going on with my package?
What do I do after 10-20 more days since the seller is not being helpful or responding?

And “ LY268732865CN is still in Guangzhou“ - right I can see that. But why has it just been sitting in Guangzhou for over a month. Not moving?

What is going on with this package?

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Response from Daisy:

Daisy 7/8/2020 11:03:30 PM

Hi Lauren,

To my exerience, LY197084984CN should be reached recently. You'd better wait for another 10-20 days to see.

LY268732865CN is still in Guangzhou now.

Previous message:
Update on my package: LY197084984CN
Has said :
Guangzhou, has been delivered to the airline transport since 11th of May
Now the tracking says “expired”?
The seller is not working with me!

Also LY268732865CN
Hasn’t moved from : Guangzhou, Arriving at The Guangzhou International Exchange Station since 3rd of June?!

Wondering how much longer these will take?!

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Hi Lauren,

If the package couldn't be devliered in 75 days, it's thought to be expired in tracking system automatically. This is because most of the packages could be delivered in 75 days in normal. You still could receive it although it's expired in tracking. Some packages may be delayed due to some reason. You'd better wait for more days to receive them if the seller doesn't reply you.

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