No record showing for Tracking #: LK282503285CN

Asked by Kathy R. | 7/28/2017 9:15:02 PM

When I enter my # here, it says it can't find it; but, ebay tracking shows it was accepted at Minhang on 06/29/17; and handed over to MEXICAN CUSTOMS (WTF???) at 0009am on 07/20/17, by Mexico Aereo... I'm in the USA NOT USM!!! I'm told that I need to get a "air waybill number" (AM 139########) to have ANY chance of getting it sent on to the US... How do I go about doing that??? Do these packets have to go through customs EVERY time they land ANYWHERE; or, did some IDIOT in Mexico City toss it into the wrong sorting bin??? It contains boots for my mobility service dog (I couldn't find any to fit him in the US - he's mainly Akbash Shepherd Dog - with REALLY big feet!) The pavement is now too hot for me to let him out of the car - hot pavement can cause SERIOUS burns to unprotected paws!!! So, until I can get these boots in, I'm without my service dog there's shade or grass between my car and any business in need to go into. This could get me SERIOUSLY injured; since, I reflexively fight falling when he's not there to help me get up; and, to do his other tasks, such as bracing for me... "Just getting a refund and starting over" REALLY IS NOT AN OPTION FOR ME; so, PLEASE, any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

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Daisy 7/29/2017 7:33:48 PM

Hi Kathy R.,

Don't worry, I think it's just in Mexica AEREO for transition to your country. Wait some more days and check.

Kathy R. 7/29/2017 8:17:54 PM

EACH & EVERY DAY this drags out is NOT "just an inconvenience;" but, a VERY REAL risk of my incurring a SERIOUS INJURY!!! I need to be very proactive on this; NOT "be patient!!!" I NEED THE AIR WAYBILL NUMBER (starting with "AM 139," followed by the other 8 numbers); hopefully, in time to be on the phone with AeroMexico's Miami cargo hub as early as possible on Monday morning!!! Since 0800(AM) Monday here will be 2100(PM) Monday there, that gives a full working day to those who have access to my air waybill number to be able to look it up and email it to me at fedup at rsib dot net; so, I can get the folks at AeroMexico's Maimi cargo hub working with Mexican customs to locate the package that never should have gone to Mexican customs, in the first place... HOPEFULLY in time for it to be on a plane for the US ON MONDAY!!! (And, to NOT wind up getting sent back to CHINA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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