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No tracking update on my item,so where is my item?

Asked by Jim McCafferty | 7/6/2020 2:54:25 AM

LZ129099596CN-My item has not had an update since 2020/06/05 where it said”Sender preparing item”
And before that on 2020/06/01 it says “China item, leaving overseas”
Why no update since?
Is it in transit or not?
Or is it stuck in a big backlog of small packages somewhere?

I have enquired several times about this item now
Whilst I appreciate how busy you must be and the backlog of items post virus breakout worldwide-With the upmost respect-Courtesy would surely be a reply please?

Many Thanks & regardsP

2 Answer(s)

Daisy 7/6/2020 6:07:57 PM

Hi Jim McCafferty,

It was delivered by airline on June 3 and takes about 30-60 days to have update showing it arrives in UK after it was delivered by airline. You'd better wait for more days to get update.

Jim McCafferty 7/7/2020 6:38:33 AM

Thanks for your reply Daisy

60 days even within current Worldwide restrictions & difficulties seems an awful long time with the greatest respect
China post has an excellent online reputation so i am a bit disappointed & surprised with that lengthy window re.update & moreover actually receiving my item
It does put me off a little re ordering from this part of the World in the future
As i have ordered items from other similarly far off regions after this item i am enquiring about...& have received them already

Anyhow Thanks for your reply
Kind regards

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