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Plane has landed


My package has been stuck on "Plane has landed" since March 19. This is around 3 weeks now. There has been no update since then. Would you be able to tell me if its stuck somewhere or who I could contact to see about its status? I'm concerned it has gone missing as it should not take this long.
Thank you

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Hi Danny,

It's not normal for it. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution as soon as possible. Only the seller can require China Post to do a formal trace investigation. If the seller doesn't reply you, try to contact your bank or visa company to ask for a charge back. Or, open a dispute from the platform you buy it to get refund in time.
Stuck in plane has landed since 3/27 tracking number CY014466322CN

Please help

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Hello guys,

My Parcel is on plane has landed and i want to know when it arrives. I am ready to wait more but i just want to know.
Tracking Number: LV727615510CN
Thanks for the answers

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China Post help me, the plane landed and I haven't updated since 12/13/2022.

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Hi !
My parcel is stuck since the 12th of may on « plane has landed » , i ordered the 3rd , it should be in « GuoTaiHangKong » I just wanna know when it will arrive in France ?

Here’s the tracking number : LV762631981CN

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