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What does the plane entered the port mean?


My package LY740041784CN shows that on 17 track. What does that mean? It is still stuck in China or has it arrived in the USA and is stuck at customs.
Thank you.

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I’m so confused, first my order will take 7-10 days ., a month later used the tracker no. Says the plane has entered the port !
Do I call the port for my order? How ? When., ???..where,???
If my order hasn’t arrive to my destination, with time given shouldn’t we get something or free stuff , this is stressful !???’n
I was wondering the same. Mine started by saying “ Origin Post is Preparing Shipment -> We have received notice that the originating post is preparing to dispatch this mail piece 2021-05-16 05:31” , and now says “ The plane entered the port 2021-06-06 22:18“. I know it should take a while to ship from China to the US but really I ordered my product on April 29th and it’s now June 9th and still no package and all it says is the untranslatable mess” I want my product and my money back at this point.
Shipping details on the tracking info states- THE PLANE ENTERED PORT! This is a parcel from Aliexpress coming from China to Australia I’m going to try claim through PayPal get my money back the tracking info goes on forever! It was cleared 3 or 4 times to depart China the seller told me the parcel has arrived here but they haven’t told the truth because Australia post have no record of it entering the country & it hasn’t been cleared by customs here which only takes a couple of days! Very unhappy!
My parcel has been stuck on the status "The Plane entered the port" since the 03/09, and it is now 05/10. Are there issued with sending parcels from China to Australia at the moment? Or is this parcel simply lost in transit? Apparently this status means it is still waiting for a flight from China, but over 30 days makes no sense. Can someone please explain if my parcel is lost or if there are just long delays for all regular shipments from China to Australia at the moment?
Mine says plane entered port and has been stuck there since the 9th wondering if you could see where it is LY890727312CN
Did u ever get your package bro mine beens stuck on 10-28 its 11-1 now
I heard it can take up to 2 months max of it being "plane entered the port" if you wait any longer you get hte red flag from 17track and just refund your mom then.
LY906801962CN. My item been ordered since October 11th it's been stuck in plane entered port can you tell me when will o get Mines
My package has been stuck in “plane entered port” since March 3 , it’s May 4 and nothing can anyone help me with this please ? Tracking number LY989461544CN.

Thank you
You got the package right on the 21st right?
When exactly will my package be here?

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Hi, I have two parcels on transit that have been going from “the airline is shipping” to “the plane entered the port” every 2-3 days, but on 2021/11/03, the status said “plane entered the port” and hasn’t moved since. can someone tell me where is the package and how much longer will it take to arrive? The tracking numbers are EV996360546CN and EB751506081CN

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On 2021-12-26 in 06:00 I received the message The plane entered the port.
I want to know if my package is still in China or It has arrived In My country.

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