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What does "the plane entered the port" mean?


So my delivery is now on the "the plane entered the port" stage? What does that exactly mean? Is it already out of China? Before that update, it said "airline departure", so I'm assuming it's out of Chine, am I correct?

Thank you

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Hi jpereira76,

"the plane entered the port" means it's at the airport waiting for the flight now. You need to wait for more days to get update. There will be update when it arrives in your country.
My order RG014346951CN is at the Aircraft entering the port since 17th April, till today I have not get any update! Can you please explain to me in which country my order is? In my country they said they did not receive any order from China with the tracking number RG014346951CN.
Kind regards
Hey, I am in the same situation since 04/29. Sender says it’s still in transit.
Juma did you received the package? I have the same problem

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