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Postage Rate to Europe Switzerland


Dear Sir or Madam

Could you please specify the maximum size (maximum length and width) for a "Small Envelope" (For Global Priority Mail) ?

Is the maximum weight of a small envelope global priority mail 0.5 kilograms?

I cannot find Switzerland (Europe) in the list of countries, is also Zone 3 ?

Are there any special service fees for global priority mail necessary? (International Reply Coupon 12, registration charge 8, Fee for Acknowledgement of Receipt 5, held mail fee 3) ? If an additional fee is necessary, what do these things/fees mean?

Thank you very much to help me understand China postage prices, I really appreciate it!

Best Regards,


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Hi Colin,

For Global Priority Mail, it only covers 18 countries. Switzerland is in the list.

There are two kinds of envelopea. One is large and the other one is small. The the large one, the maximum weight is 1 kilogram. As for the small one, the weight limit is 0.5 kilogram.

The cost for the large one is 70 RMB (Chinese Yuan) and the small one is 40 RMB. I think there is no additional charges for it.

You can send it in any of the post offices in your city. Better go there to check the size and ask for more details.

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