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The RN201614025CN tracking number is valid?

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The format of this tracking number is right. It belongs to a China Post parcel. But it couldn't be tracked in China Post tracking system now. The reasons may:
1: China Post hasn't accepted it yet.
2: China Post hasn't scanned and entered its tracking information into the system yet.

Where do you get the number? From a seller? If so, ask him if he has sent it out and the date.

Yes, I bought an item from a seller two weeks ago but now I can't ask him about it because the user deleted and the item removed in the last week.
Thank You for the answer, maybe it will help :)
You mean the item you bough is removed by the seller in his store online? Or the seller deleted the whole store? You can open a dispute and ask your money back if you couldn't receive it in promised time.
The item removed and the seller no longer member on the site.
Thank you for the information :)
Can you help me please? Track number is RQ959527777CN and RQ959188138CN
when i can expected this package?
Hi Alert,

The two packages meet some problems in customs check. So, it spends many days transit in China. Luckily, it passed the check and left China on Nov. 24. You may get it after a month.

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