Asked by Li | 6/16/2020 6:16:31 AM

May I know if it’s possible to ship from SG a to China Shenzhen ?

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iraj ghodrati 6/16/2020 9:27:28 AM

Hi, I'm a businessman and I buy from China. I am going to send mobile phones from China to Iran, the number of packages is high. And I send almost daily. Packages are sent directly to the customer's address. There are one or two mobile phones in each package, how can I do that?

Daisy 6/18/2020 6:36:53 AM

Hi Li,

You need to contact Singapore Post to ask if it could be sent to China now.

Daisy 6/18/2020 6:39:14 AM

Hi iraj ghodrati,

You'd better contact an international express company to sent for you.

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