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ePacket to Philippines


When do you expect to add Philippines to your ePacket? We have lots of potential customers in the Philippines but with a longer shipment (almost 60 days), we are losing a lot of potential business. If we are losing business so does your manufacturer and suppliers that we work with in dropshipping. Considering Philippines is very close proximity to China, there's should be an ePacket to the Philippines. Also, Philippines as one of the strongest economies second to China, the potential to do more business is promising. So as an urgent request, please offer ePacket to the Philippines. Thanks so much!

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Hi Clint Torress,

Yes, there are great demands for sellers to deliver items to Philippines by using ePacket. Every year China Post will add some countries, I think it will be added in this year.
Hi Sally, thank you for your reply. How will I know if Philippines has been added?
I'll inform you here. You can email then.
Hi Sally,

Do you have any update on this? We look forward to ePacket to the Philippines? (especially with the growing friendly relations and numerous business partnerships with our governments!!) Please!

Sorry, it's still not available now.
Hi, I would also like to be notified once EPACKET is available to the Philippines. Could I be sent a notification as well since that would be a great impact on my business. Thank you.
Hi Julia,

I will notify you once it's available if you have left the right email address when posted here.
Please inform/notify me also once epacket is available in the Philippines. thanks
Me, too. Please let me know when e-packet gets available in the Philippines. I am losing customers and getting bad reviews on the slow delivery to Philippines. Please set up e-packets to Philippines asap!
me too! pls inform me when it would be available, thanks.
Please notify me as well. we are looking forward for e-packet availability in the
Please notify me too
Hi i would like to be notified also once ePacket is already available in the Philippines.

Me too, please notify me when e-packer is available in the Philippines.

Hi.Please notify me too regarding the availability of e-packet to the Philippines.
I would want to be updated as well if it is okay sally?:) Thanks a lot!
me too pls notify me
Hi.Please notify me too if e-packet is already available here in the Philippines. My email add is . Thank you so much!

Can you please also inform me when it becomes available thank you
Notify me too
Please notify me also once epacket to Philippines is available. Email is
Please notify me also once e-packet is available.
Admin, Sally, please just notify everybody by posting here using BIG BANNERS. It's 2018. Any update on this most anticipated request? Philippines is a lot, lot big contributor for this business. Include South Africa as well. Is this ePacket servicing difficult to implement?
Hi there, I hope epacket will be offered in the Philippines because of the great market we have for the country.

I'm looking forward epacket to be offered here in the philippines. I hope this will be implemented asap. :)

Please notify me too regarding the availability of e-packet to the Philippines.
Hello, is there any update of epacket availability here in the philippines? We are looking forward to have an epacket here in the philippines. Thanks.

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