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Tracking epacket


hi, my tracking number is: Lx94784394.
I have checked, the system said that my packet have safely arrive in Australia since 1st June 2016.
This is weird because I have not receive anything yet.
Where can I ask information about my packet?
The sender from China suggested me to check on the local post office.
However, I have not received any pick up card, and there are 5 local post offices, where I live.

I started to think my packet is missing.

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Hi Maria,

Lx94784394?? I think you wrote a wrong tracking number. Could provide the right one in order for us to check it for you?

If the tracking system doesn't show deliver successfully, it means it's still in progress to deliver. Just wait.
Hi Jane,

Sorry, tracking number is :LX947843940CN.
The problem is: the tracking system showed that the packet have arrived, which in fact, not yet.
I am not sure where my packet is right now, as I could not track it.

Why does it take so long for an item to be picked up once it has been labeled shipped. Sometimes it’s a week or more.
hello from greece... i have 3 track numbers,,,RE139593055CN from 2020-10-10,,,,,RV502461851CN from2020-10-25,, ,,LZ356513450CN from 2020-11-03 please check this maybe stuck at airport in china,,i am waiting your answer thank you
Hi paul,

RV502461851CN is not normal. It's on the way back to the seller now. You need to contact the seller to reflect the problem and get a solution in time. The other two are in transit to Greece and havn't arrived. You still need to wait.

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