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tracking issue


hi, on my tracking it says that it was shipped to the uk then Guangzhou City, has been delivered to the carrier transport. im not sure if it has gone back to china or not. the tracking number is EV005149131CN

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I have seen a few posts with the same issue. no update in my shipping since 7/2, tracking # EA237385698CN, is there an issue that I need to fix or is something wrong?

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I think there is a problem with my tracking on my shipment. Since the package was shipped i havent received any updates whatsoever. Ether there is an issue with the package or the tracking number.
Please give me an update.

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My order item tracking number RE136614215CN showing security returned it’s diecast toy car Whats is security issue for this item . Before I received many toys through Chaina post what is issue now please let me know

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