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To whom it may concern,

My parcel was updated with "Guangzhou, delivered to air transport" on the 28/03/2020, but there is yet to be any further updates. Are these parcels not being allowed into the UK? This is the second time this issue has occured after the seller had the same issue back in the beginning of the year, which has had the same status since 07/01/2020.
The respective tracking numbers are:

I had an order with VN Post that was dispatched on the 23rd April and I received it yesterday.

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Hi jimmyjammer,

LO682442746CN may be lost as it has been four months that it's still not arrived. You need to contact the seller as soon as possible to get refund.

LO940343431CN is still en route to UK now.If you couldn't receive it in this month,it's not normal.

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