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Asked by Sharon | 11/1/2019 8:12:15 AM

I have 3 tracking numbers for packages to Israel that hasn't arrived yet:
1. LO196960455CN
2. LO196977685CN
3. LO188003903CN
Could you tell me please when they should be arrived or if the transit time is too long by now?

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Daisy 11/2/2019 12:43:37 AM

Hi Sharon,

They all left China in late September and are still en route to Israel now. They should arrive recently and there will be further update.

Andreea 3/11/2020 2:55:55 AM

Hi! I have send a package from United Kingdom to China, on the 29th of January but the package didn't arrived yet. The tracking number is : RN198063892GB.
Can you help me please?
Thank you

Daisy 3/11/2020 5:04:08 AM

Hi Andreea,

The delivery was failed on Feb. 11. The recipient request to pick it up by himself. You'd better contact the recipient to ask when he could pick it up.

Number: RN198063892GB
Package status: Undelivered
Country: United Kingdom -> China
2020-02-11 13:56, Suzhou City, "Yumen Business Department" to withdraw business (transfer)
2020-02-11 08:08, Suzhou City, "Yumen Business Department" delivery results feedback - not properly delivered, notes (recipients ask for self-fetched), delivery officer: Li Jun, tel: 18251135213
2020-02-11 07:01, Suzhou City, "Yumen Business Department" arranged delivery, delivery staff: Li Jun, tel: 18251135213, TSU Tel: 0512-65333039
2020-02-10 13:47, Suzhou City, Import Customs Release
2020-02-10 08:27, Suzhou City, sent to import customs
2020-02-08 22:41, Suzhou City, leaving the Suzhou Mail Processing Bureau, the next stop , Suzhou International Exchange Bureau (via transfer)
2020-02-08 21:16, Suzhou City, arriving at Suzhou Mail Processing Bureau (via transfer)
2020-02-08 16:19, Nanjing City, leaving the "Nanjing Central Bureau Mail Processing Center", the next stop "Suzhou Mail Processing Bureau" (via transfer)
2020-02-08 13:35, Nanjing, arriving at the "Nanjing Central Bureau Mail Processing Center" (via transfer)
2020-02-07 19:30, Beijing, leaving Beijing East Station, the next stop , "Nanjing Central Bureau Mail Processing Center" (via transfer)
2020-02-04 19:11, Beijing, arriving at Beijing International Mail Transfer Department (via transfer)
2020-02-04 02:43, Beijing, delivered to air transport
2020-01-31 10:45, Langley, Langley has been exported directly
2020-01-31 08:20, Langley, Leave the Overseas Export Swap Bureau
2020-01-31 08:20, Langley, leave Langley
2020-01-29 14:48, UK, UK Received

Beckymobile111 12/8/2020 9:32:55 PM

im wondering why I can't track my package

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