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undelivered parcel


To whom this concerns,

As i live in Australia the tracking numbers supplied to me by the seller and confirmed by your selves as having been delivered, on following up on that with Australia post those tracking numbers do not cross reference with anything on there books.
so can you please let me know what the true numbers are so i can try find out where my parcels are.

the tracking i have from Sonicfo shop are,

AS750445829CN and

I look forward to your helpful reply

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Hi Arthur,

You need to contact the seller in Australia to ask for the new tracking numbers in Australia and use the numbers to check with Australia Post.
The seller is in China being delivered to Australia, I have contacted Australia post re this issue and they have no record of the numbers.
Hence iam back to you to find out more detailes of where they have gone
Hi Arthur,

You need to contact the seller in Australia to ask for the new tracking numbers in Australia.

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