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Tracking query


Hi there I've been trying to track this package RK810534823CN but the site keeps telling me server is busy try later. I've been trying for 4 days now can you please help me.

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Hi Tarryn,

Your package has been in your country since July 10. Better contact South Africa Post to ask when will they could deliver it to you.

Tracking information:

2017-07-10 08:45 --JIMC A AIR LETTERS, Send item to customs
2017-07-10 08:44 --JIMC A AIR LETTERS, Receive item at office of exchange
2017-07-10 08:45 --JHB INT MAIL CENTRE (HUB), To Customs
2017-07-10 08:44 --JHB INT MAIL CENTRE (HUB), Incomming International

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The tracking link provided by the company doesn't return any information, however they have provided the following information directly:
"your item tracking information:
Guangzhou, [guangzhou international] has exported direct seal
Destination - query time: 336 ms
Sending place - query time: 58 ms
The 2019-10-20"
Guangzhou, [guangzhou international] has been exported directly
The 2019-10-20 07:54
Guangzhou, arrival [guangzhou international]
The 2019-10-19 also
Guangzhou, leave dongshan international express, next stop: guangzhou international"
Any further details would be greatly appreciated.
Many thanks in advance.

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Hello. Please could you update where LZ016473272CN is. I thought this left China weeks ago but can you confirm?

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Hi, my item tracking (LX115673160CN) has been stuck on 'Shanghai, delivered to air transport' for some time now. Please confirm it is definitely on its way. Many thanks

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