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Waiting for airline space


Hi Daisy,

Could you help me to understand "waiting for airline space"? My package arrived at Dongguan International on June 26th and hasn't moved since.

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Hi, my parcel has said waiting for airline space for weeks now. Can you tell me where it is?

Hi, I purchased some shoes in August, track number is LV201744487CN and it says that my package is waiting for airplane space, it's been 5 months and I want to know if it will ever make it to its destination?

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Waiting for airline space (2 replies)

Hi Daisy,
My parcel is waiting for airline space. How long does it has to wait? My tracking number is RE169766899CN. Could you tell if somethings wrong or not? Thanks.

Waiting for airline space (3 replies)

Whenever i track My package it says that it is “Waiting for airline space”. It hasn’t updated in 4 days. How Can this be?
Tracking number: EB725966646CN

Waiting For Airline Space (2 replies)

Hi, my package is showing as Waiting For Airline Space for over a week now. Could you possibly advise if this is still in China and when likely to be received? Thanks for your help.

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