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What is EME and how long does it take?


Good Evening, I was just wondering what EME is and how long the average wait is for items to go through it. Do I need to do anything to expedite it? Really need the package to reach its destination for a refund as soon as possible. Any news gratefully received. Thank you.
2021-06-08 10:48:39 EME guang zhou shi
14:28:02 EME Guangzhou

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Hi Carole,

It's at the customs now. It's delayed due to the coronavirus situation in Guangzhou. You'd better wait for more days to see.

Number: RN654061327GB
Package status: In transit
Country: United Kingdom -> China
2021-06-08 10:48 Guangzhou City, import customs remain to be verified, affected by the outbreak traffic control, mail time limit than usual has been extended
2021-05-28 05:18 Langley, Leave the Overseas Export Swap Bureau (not yet arrived at China Post)
2021-05-28 05:18 Langley, leave the Langley Processing Center
2021-05-27 09:21 United Kingdom, United Kingdom has received
2021-06-08 03:48 GUANGZHOU, Your item is currently with Customs in the destination country
2021-06-07 06:39 51040034, China, Item received at Sorting Office
2021-06-03 07:11 BEIJING, China, Item has left the overseas International Processing Centre
2021-06-03 06:27 BEIJING, China, Item Received
2021-05-28 05:18 LANGLEY HWDC, Item Leaving the UK
2021-05-28 04:12 LANGLEY HWDC, Item Received by Royal Mail
2021-05-27 18:14 Sheffield MC, Item Despatched to Heathrow Worldwide DC
2021-05-27 17:53 Sheffield MC, Item received at
2021-05-27 09:44 Sender preparing item
2021-05-27 09:21 Laughton Common Post Office [S25 3QY], Accepted at Post Office.
I just want to ask the status of my shipment which has been stopped with EME status since Jan 23, 2022. This is my tracking number EB003844615HK. How long will this process take? I really hope for a fast update for this package of mine.
Thank you

It should be waiting for the receiver in China to declare to the customs now. You'd better contact the receiver in China to ask if he has received the notice from the customs. If no, let him check through authorized tax collection system ( to check or call China customs service number 12360 to check.

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