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whats difference?


on Aliexpress seller's website,

they wrote they would send via China Post small ordinary packet plus, China post Air mail, E-EMS, E packet.. etc...
and maybe all of these things are sent by China post.
But I cant check the price about all of those services on website.

I want to send item in China and want to use those services not expensive EMS.
Where can I find that service price and whats difference each other?

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China Post small ordinary packet plus is a very cheap service without registration. It couldn't be tracked and takes a very long time to reach the destination country usually two or three months may needed. You'd better don't choose this service.

China Post air mail or epacket is suggested as they are the most ecomomic way.

Here are the rate for China post Air mail, E-EMS and E packet. The difference between China post Air mail and China Post small ordinary packet plus is that the latter don't need to pay for 8RMB registration fee.
thanks for reply
when i sent item Turkey in beijing
the price was 48元(18+15*2) cause its 250g.
maybe it was china air post but they didnt require registeration fee and i could track it.
And if reached after 14 days. why they dont require?

And when I went to china post with 250g parcel to send to korea, employee told me that price is 31.8. why its not 32(14+9+9)?
it was by air.
and also SAL price was 25.2 and by ship was 22.5
its also different. why ?
The price listed is just for your reference. There will be a little difference with what China post employee provide to you.
From Malaysisa
cargo reached Gz Post office 29 sept , the receiver outstation for 2 weeks
what is(are) the document required to collect on behalf ? why required original receiver IC since his is outstation
The indentification card of the person who will collect on behalf is needed. If you could have the copy of the receiver's indentification card, take it as well.

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