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Wrong destination country


I've been tracking my order for days and the recent update was that it has arrived at HU, destination country. The address which it should be delivered to is in Slovenia, not Hungary. So now I'm worried that this is my package's final stop. Who would be the best to reach out to in order to get this resolved?

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My tracking number CP442266141CN, i think it delivered in wrong destination country which is swetzerland but it supposed to delivered in tanzania ,please help to confirm it and what should i do it truely delivered in wrong country.

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My tracking number is UH603482745YP and I think it arrived at the wrong country, which is Hungary. I ordered from Slovenia and I would like to make sure that this is indeed the address it's meant to be delivered to.

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Dear Officer!

My package from China become wrong destination country from an AliExpress seller.
The package tracking number is: RM744341988CN
The correct address is:
name: Szöllősi Péter
country: Hungary, 5400
address: Mezőtúr, Földvári út 61. 8/7. +36709476596

Please, correct it, if it is possible! Thanks!

Szöllősi Péter

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