Wrong destination country (Spain instead of Hungary)

Asked by pivotz1 | 12/15/2016 5:46:34 AM

Dear Officer!

My package from China become wrong destination country from an AliExpress seller.
The package tracking number is: RM744341988CN
The correct address is:
name: Szöllősi Péter
country: Hungary, 5400
address: Mezőtúr, Földvári út 61. 8/7.
tel.no: +36709476596

Please, correct it, if it is possible! Thanks!

Szöllősi Péter

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Daisy 12/15/2016 6:58:32 PM


Tracking result shows the destination country for RM744341988CN is Spain. But it was still in China now.

You'd better contact the seller to ask him what happened to the package and make sure your address is correct. Only the sender could change the address.

pivotz1 12/16/2016 6:05:37 AM

OK, but the Seller doesn't respond to any question till now, so I don't know, how could I force him to renew the address??? Please don't send the package to Spain, or ask Sender to corrigate the address!

pivotz1 12/16/2016 6:25:43 AM

And btw, if the other address data was correct, just the Country fails, why couldn't you simple change this (in Spain surely doesn't exist "Mezőtúr" city, and "Földvári" street... how cound I proof I'm in Hungary?!? To ship the package to Spain, is just loss of time, 'couse it will send back to China, and it takes lots of time... I'll wait here in Hungary, and hope, there is a better way to handle this...

Daisy 12/17/2016 2:48:02 AM

Hi pivotz,

You can open an dispute to AliExpress, the seller may respond to you if you do this. Changing address should be required by the sender. China Post doesn't accept other people to change the address.

pivotz1 12/17/2016 11:14:47 AM


I am really sorry, this is a very unfortunately and unnecessarily rigid rule to sending a package to a surely wrong address, but You know... is there any chance, to get my package under these "conditions" anyhow? I opened a dispute in AliExpress by now, but I wanna just short the way somehow. I hoped, that China isn't that country, where this occurs, I thought, there is even more flexible trade rules to handle this, but I am very disappointed now. Those are the sweet fruits of growing bureaucracy...
I wish You a more success in Your work.

Catherine 6/25/2020 2:18:48 AM

Hi I got an package which is tracking no LA110039905CN. I want to check is the address 55 lebuh perajurti 1 taman peak 31400 and the country is Malaysia. Thanks

Daisy 6/25/2020 2:31:19 AM

Hi Catherine,

The country is Singapore not Malaysia. Detailed address couldn't be known.

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