China Post: 86 10 11185 EMS: 86 10 11183

Almost 100 day waiting !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


this is maybe my 5 message to you

Where is my parcel EB718139287CN expire track

4 may first step
no news since 30 june
and now nothing
i'am angry

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Hi deslalord,

I could only suggest you wait for more days. If you don't want to wait any more, you have the right to ask for refund from the seller.

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I have been waiting for packages since November and would like to know what has been Going on with my packages. I keep contacting the sellers but they lead me
To False information, i would just like to know where
My packages are.

The Tracking Numbers are

LY925106320CN ,Ordered on 11/4/21 ,still waiting

LY952573998CN, Ordered on 12/10/21, still waiting

LY948734504CN, Ordered on 12/3/21, still waiting
If there’s any solution to this please help. Thank you.

Where is my parcel Still waiting (1 reply)

It has said in aus for 7days now I'd it is customs say it is but not keep giveing me wrong updates have metal health really bad and waiting on my parcel like its never gonna get here and it is my birthday present that I'm. Waiting on so please give me a proper update on it

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Hi! I bought from I’ve been waiting for thirty days, haven’t had an update since May 30th. It says: Depart from Departure Transit Hub (on current information). Nothing else. Is it waiting for a plane to take it to America? Or is it stuck? It was supposed to come on June 3rd, but it surpassed that date by 8 days. It’s taking awhile. Here’s my tracking number: UH557252739CN

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